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Welcome - I'm Jeff Welsh.

I am actively looking for creators who want to collaborate by being a guest on my River of Creation podcast, or have me as a guest on your show - or both!

The River Of Creation podcast was created to showcase your work as a creator and to discuss how you go about the art of creation: your process, your inspirations and best practices. Other professional creators will undoubtedly learn something from you and everyone else will be interested in exactly how you bring "something from nothing."

NOTE: As of this writing, the River of Creation podcast is on-track to debut in the Spring of 2024. As we get closer to the launch, I will keep you up to date.

The River Of Creation podcast is part of my full-time project to serve creators of all types, and educate, illuminate and titillate their audiences.

My Goal: I help creators develop their authentic voice to create compelling original content.

A bit about me: I am a life-long creator and "serial entrepreneur." The majority of my creative time is spent as a writer and professional musician, although I find time to indulge my passions for photography and videography. I use my graduate degrees in clinical psychology and clinical hypnosis and my experience as a professor and curriculum designer to bring learning experiences to a wider, digitally-connected audience.

My other life experience includes stints as a 7-figure business owner, CEO (x3), college president (x2), professor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, counselor, music venue and studio owner, pilot, programmer and various other sundry interests. Early in my career, I was active in emergency and critical care medicine as a life flight medic, registered respiratory therapist and medical researcher.

Most importantly, I am a father of three, and grandfather of (so far) two boys.

I have recorded and produced in London's Abbey Road Studios, LA's The Village Studios and many others. I have worked with clients from all over the US and Haiti, the UK, Taiwan, the Caribbean, Turkey, the UAE, Australia and more, to include musicians, actors, videographers, graphic artists, game designers, fine artists (painting, drawing), writers, composers, songwriters, course creators, educators, comedians,  and - of course - content creators (podcasters, live streamers, social media influencers, thought leaders, bloggers).

I am now focused on the River of Creation podcast as my primary platform, and intend to stream episodes live on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube.

You can read my articles on Substack and Medium and here, in my blog section. I post every day on Instagram and Twitter, as well.

My 1-on-1 work is very limited as I can reach a larger audience online, and these days I focus on the people I find to be most interesting: you, the creator.

TLDR: I'm sure we can find something to talk about!

To contact me, use the form below or email me directly at [email protected].

I look forward to working with you!


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